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Phone: (347) 889-7701
Fax: same as phone number.
279 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Service hours:
Monday-Friday, 8-6pm
Age: 20 months – 4.5 years old.

Green Room Gallery

Preschool: Tic Tac Daycare and Laugh and Play Daycare Curriculum:


Children learn by experiencing the world around them. Our toddler program help build brain power by supporting the develop of judgment, perception, memory and critical thinking.


Kids will communicate with others verbally and nonverbally to engage the world around them. Our program offers literature,  music, Spanish and sign language class, singing song or listing to the story is the best way for kids to open themselves up. Our kids will make new friends they will learn how to behave in many different situations. They will gain the confidence, self-esteem and negotiating skills which can help them have healthy relationship later in life.


Our teachers will ensure you that your child will enjoy safe time “away from home”, where they can learn to express themselves and understand their own unique identities. Your child will gain comfort and confidence to forge trusting relationship and value their individually. Our daycare is a place whrre everyone can feel safe and have fun just being themselves.


We focus on the physical well-being of your child so he grows up safe and strong. Coordination, mobility and exercise all help ensure you that your growing child has healthy body for the life time. Our program oggers quality time of toddler yoga, dance class, indoor and outdoor activities.

Preschool classes:


Children learn counting, recognizing numbers and solving basic math problems.


The child learns different styles of dance and pop culture.

Sign language:

The child communicate in a non-verbal way. It also teaches the child that there are people who communicate in different ways.


Can create new hobbies, children learn nrw songs and it is also a fun way for them to unwind.

Spanish and French:

Helps the child experience different culture by learning the language.

Dramatic play:

The best way for kids to open up make new friends and learn to behave in different situations.

History & Geography:

Children learn about the past and Historical events that influence the future.


Fun hands on experiments that expands the child’s mind and experience the world around them.

Literature class:

Reading stories that teach them lessons that will help them later in life.


Clears the child’s mind , relaxes them and puts then in a positive state of mind.

Art / Projects:

Teaches kids about art history while at the same time creating projects that are creative and fun.


Learning the life cycle of plants, different animals and people.

Language class:

Children learn the alphabet, learn to spell, and pronounce words.

Question & Answer:

Once a week we ask kids a different question to make them use their critical thinking skills while being educational at the same time.


  • Suzie says:

    Best Caregivers Ever

    My son started in the Pink Room at 4 months, moved to the Green Room at age 2, and left for UPK at age 4.5. For over 4 years, he was loved and cared for by incredible teachers at TicTac. We have been so lucky to find this place, and I’ve been completely comfortable leaving him for full days even as a tiny baby. In the Green Room, he’s learned his colors, letters, and numbers, and has developed great social skills. Both of my kids have been happy to walk straight in, hug their teachers, and wave goodbye to us without tears nearly every day. Could not recommend more highly!

  • Christie says:

    Wonderful Experience

    My two kids spent eight combined years at Tic Tac, at the Baltic, Joralemon and Court St. locations. The teachers are simply incredible — and have surprisingly low turnover! My children thrived at Tic Tac, learning more than I ever could have imagined. Most of all, they were loved and nurtured, as if the teachers were their own mothers. My children loved Tic Tac, and I appreciated the wonderful community fostered through family events.

  • Lauren says:

    Incredible place to grow!

    We have had the most wonderful experience at TicTac. Our child started in the pink room at 10m and then moved to the green room when she was almost 2y. The teachers are nurturing, and so creative. My child has learned SO much, and is always busy there, always having fun. She has truly thrived at this school!

  • Thomas says:

    Happiest camper around

    Our son absolutely adores spending time here and has blossomed into a story teller by extension of the teachers in the room. He talks both about his teachers and his classmates with such joy. Plus every morning when we drop him off, he runs inside because he is so excited to see them. We feel like everyone at Tic Tac legitimately cares about our son and how he is developing. An absolute joy and we couldn’t be happier.

  • Debbie Kruger says:

    Since starting at Tic Tac at 8 months old, our daughter has loved Orange Room, her classmates and her teachers. The teachers and caretakers do such an incredible job cultivating curiosity, fostering a fun and loving environment for the kids, and sharing exciting updates throughout the day with parents. Our daughter has learned sign language, loves to read and shares well with other kids — all skills we attribute in large part to the daycare program. Highly recommend this loving neighborhood spot!

  • Jordan says:

    Could not recommend more!

    Our son started at Tic Tac when he was only 4 months old and has grown into a happy two and a half year old thanks to the care and dedication of the friendly and creative teachers! He has developed so many interests, good habits, and friendships – always excited to join his friends in the morning and share what he has learned each day at pick up! We could not recommend Tic Tac more!

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