Purple Room

The newest TICTAC DAYCARE CLASSROOM open in Carroll Gardens!

Phone: 1(347) 599 2978
486 Smith street, GF
Brooklyn NY 11231

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Infants / Tic Tac Day Care Curriculum:

Our program is designed to provide children with the right skills of life time learning. We will discover the world by using all five senses. We help our children discover different concepts of cause-and-effect through play. We use different variety of materials such as pictures, instruments, toys, etc.

Social (Making Friends):
Communication is one of the most important steps in person’s life. We believe even the youngest kids should have a right to express themselves. We help kids communicate in verbal and non-verbal ways. Our program provides many interesting activities to help kids model their conversational skills, ex. telling stories, singing songs, using sign language, bilingual games and activities.

Health Body:
We support our young students as he or she rolls from side-to side , and learn to crawl , stand, and walk. We will spend a lot of time playing outside and inside. Our program offers many different activities (ex.yoga class, dance class, dramatic play) that will help a child grow not only intellectual but also physically. We always try to meet every child’s individual need for rest.

Our weekly classes schedule:

Art class –
child is able to see the world in a creative and fun way.

Spanish and French –
helps the child experience a different culture by learning the language.

Sign language –
the child communicate is a non-verbal way, starting at very young age.

Yoga class –
clears the child mind, relaxes them and puts them in a positive state of mind.

Dance class –
the child learns different styles of dance and pop culture.

Math class –
from the beginning we want children to be used to numbers and counting.

Dramatic play –
the best way for kids to open up, make new friends, and learn to behave in a different situations.

Science –
through science children can experience the world around them.

Communication skills (Literature class , Speech class) –
build brain power, memory and critical thinking. Each class is separate so the child can learn the same thing in a different setting, and at the same time having fun.

Music class –
can create new hobbies, its a fun way for kids to unwind.